Data Acquisition (DAQ)

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  • Data acquisition for virtually any analytical instruments, such as process analyzers (e.g. O2 analyzer, CO analyzer, SO2 analyzer, etc), used in environmental, industrial and specialty gases, petrochemical, refinery, and medical laboratories.
  • Embedded a US patent-pending technology, leading technology of data acquisition for analytical instruments.
  • Seamless integration of software and hardware. Automation saves your valuable time and labor.
  • Data stored in Microsoft SQL database.
  • Operational in a stand-alone computer or networking environment. It is designed for a small, middle or big company.
  • Multiple-level user access control to prevent any unauthorized access or data modifications.
  • Developed by Ph.D. and Master Scientists and software engineers. Quality guarantee!
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Academic version Lab Data Management Software

  • Support 1 channel.
  • Purchase Order or payment should be from university or research institute.


Data Acquisition


ALAC DAQ Advantage
1. Optimized for Process Analyzers* Designed & programmed by Process Analyzer Experts
2. Span & Zero Calibration for Process Analyzer Programmed exactly to follow Process Analyzer operation
3. Instrument Response Mapping Map instrument output response to sample concentration
4. Matrix Correctable



Matrix interference is correctable. Universal calibration
5. Preserve Data Integrity Data cannot be altered
6. Multiple Security Levels Multi-access control: administrator & user levels
7. Searchable Database Calibration & sample analysis records are all searchable
8. Scalability Operational in stand-alone or network: desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet PC
9. External Data Connectivity Seamlessly integrated with external software packages such as SPC/SQC
10. User Friendly Windows OS environment support Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP
11. Support Multi-Position Valve for Automation Support Valco multi-position valve for multiple sample streams
12. Multiple Channels Supports up to 4 Channels

Note: *ALAC DAQ can be used for all equipment with Voltage or Current output