Customized GCxGC Columns

GCxGC Operational Principle

  • GCxGC chromatography applies multiple GC columns (nonpolar and polar, and uncoated columns) connected in series. An uncoated column is normally installed inside a modulator.
  • Another uncoated column might be used as an interface from the analytical columns to a detector such as mass spectrometer.
  • Effluent from the first column is trapped in the modulator for very short time before being focused and injected into the second column .
  • The repetitive trapping and injection cycles allow the GCxGC system to generate two-dimensional chromatograms using specialized software.
  • The two-dimensional chromatogram indicates the boiling point and polarity on the respective axes.

Modulator Column Holder

Examples of GCxGC columns

Although we provide a generic configuration of GCxGC columns, most customers provide their own specifications. However, your specifications of GCxGC columns are confidential.

  • 1st column: 15m x 0.25 mm x 0.25 um Rxi-1ms (non-polar)
  • 2nd column: 2m x 0.1 mm (uncoated for modulator)
  • 3rd column: 10m x 0.15 mm x0.15 um Stabilwax (polar column)
  • 4th column: 1m x 0.1 mm (uncoated for detector interface)

What do we offer?

Customized GC columns service

  • Please ship or drop off your GC columns to ALAC along with your payment.
  • ALAC will configure your GC columns.

Customized GC Columns with Polar and Non-Polar Stationary Phases and Uncoated Columns

Our innovative technology will provide you excellent quality GCxGC columns.

  • Please provide the specification for the GC columns, such as type of column, length, etc, to ALAC along with your payment.
  • ALAC will produce GCxGC columns based on your specifications.
  • ALAC will manufacture your columns within 3 working days and do leak testing with the GCxGC columns.
  • ALAC normally will ship the order within a week.

Traditional GC Operation

  • Normally one analytical column is used for one injector and one detector.

Major GC Components

Traditional GC

  • Analytical column can be a capillary or packed column with a polar or non-polar stationary phase.

GC oven

Example of GCxGC Columns

Example of GCxGC Columns

Picture of GCxGC Column Configuration

GCxGC Column Configuration

Challenges of GCxGC Columns

Connections of multiple columns in series is always a challenging project due to:

  • Leaks if a press-fit union is used without properly bonding technique.
  • Peak tailing especially for oxygenates and sulfurs when a metal union is used.
  • Large dead volume causes peak broadening or changes of peak shape.
  • Connections break apart due to poor technique.

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